How to Delete Garageband?

Garageband is a handy app for music lovers, but one problem associated with Garageband is that it takes too much space in your mac computer. Since storage is a common problem for all of us, and GarageBand is associated with large audio libraries, it tends to consume more storage. However, If you are not using Garageband, it is better to delete it. Deleting Garageband can free up some space for you. You might have noticed that Whenever you try to remove it, you have faced some of the problems. Our article will help you to delete Garageband, You just have to follow a few simple steps so let’s discuss them.

Method 1 (Manual)

  • Firstly, you have to open the Finder window ( This will open up all the applications present in your computer).
  • After that, You have to click on the “Applications tab” menu.
  • Find the Garageband application on the list.
  • Then, Move Garageband to “trash”.
  • After that, Right-click on the trash option. ( The uninstallation process begin).

Note: This method will only work for Mac OS X users, Most of the apps are easily uninstalled, but it is a built-in app, so you might be asked to enter the username and password before deleting. In case if you are unable to do so, you can also reboot your computer, and if you are still unable to remove it, then you can try another method.

Method 2 (Using power my mac)

Power my mac is an excellent tool to clean and optimize your space ( With just a few clicks you can easily optimize your mac). If you are unable to delete from method 1, then you can try this out.

– Select uninstaller from PowerMyMac

You have opened up the PowerMyMac app, After opening you will get a variety of options, but you have to select the “Uninstaller” tool from the Toolkit module. ( Just simply press on “toolkit” sign and click Uninstaller).

– Scan applications

After clicking Uninstaller you will see a new interface, Then you have to click on the “Scan” option ( The scanning process will start) If it is not appropriately scanned, then you can click on re-scan to scan again.

– View application

After scanning GarageBand you have to click on the “view” button to view all the information.

– Find Garageband

You will see a new application list on the left side; after that, you have to scroll down and find Garageband. In case if you are unable to find GarageBand for Windows then you can also search in the search box. After clicking, you will see files and folders on the screen.

– Select File

After clicking, you have to select all the files and folders of Garageband, If you want to clean all the files in one click, then you can directly choose the “Select all” option. Moreover, you can also view all the files that you have selected using the “Sort by” option.

– Clean Applications

Before Going on the further step you have to make sure that all the Files related to GarageBand are selected, After that, you have to click on the “Clean” option.

– Confirm

In the last step, you have to “Confirm” to clean all the applications ( Wait for some time until this process ends). Hurray! You have successfully deleted GarageBand.

Why to delete Garageband?

The most common reason for deleting Garageband is; Most of the people are not interested in music, this will simply take too much space. If you are sure that you won’t use this app, then you can clear up some storage and use it for other purposes. Note: But I will suggest you think twice before deleting it because once it is removed, you have to pay for installing it again.

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